Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Time Traveled Tales Kickstarter Launches!

I have collaborated with Silence in the Library Publishing, Kickstarter, and a host of renowned authors including names like Aaron Allston, Michael A. Stackpole, Timothy Zahn, Bradley P. Beaulieu in the hopes of making the Time Traveled Tales Anthology available to a wider audience.

Originally released as a convention exclusive at the 2012 Origins Game Fair and limited to 500 copies sold only at the convention, Time Traveled Tales is a who's who of your favorite science fiction and fantasy authors writing about time travel, the future, and contact with strange and wonderful beings.

My story in it is a tie-in to the Children of the White Lions series and follows many people’s favorite characters, Nundle, when he first stumbles upon the fact that he can use magic. And here’s a hint for those of you waiting for book 3 in the series: one of the characters in this short will have a prominent role in the book.

In this Kickstarter limited edition, each story is beautifully illustrated by renowned artist Matt Slay. Best known for his work for IDW's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Image Comics and several Upper Deck Marvel projects (most recently Iron Man 3), Matt brings a realism and emotional context to his illustrations that captures the spirit of each of the 19 stories in the anthology.

In addition to illustrating every story in the anthology, it has an amazing new cover that will look incredible on your bookshelf. 

The cover and illustrations are only a small portion of the exciting surprises that are waiting for you when you visit the Time Traveled Tales Kickstarter project page. Please join us and become a part of the Time Traveled Tales journey by visiting the Kickstarter page and contributing today!