Monday, January 28, 2013

7 of 7, Sneak Preview of Book 3

So, there’s this thing going about the author world called 7 of 7.

It’s pretty simple, really. You go to line 7 of page 7 or page 77 of your current work in progress and reveal the 7 lines that follow. Well, my current work in progress is book 3 (title withheld to protect the innocent). So, out of curiosity, I looked at both page 7 and 77, line 7.


Well, you aren’t seeing the page 7 chunk. Why? Well…because I just wrote it. I don’t always write linearly. While I have 40 chapters done in book 3, I just wrote a new chapter 1.

But the page 77, line 7…that was intriguing. I read it a few times (and made a few edits), wondering if I wanted to share what was there. Why? Well, I don’t want to give away too much about the future of the book and/or series.

However…the next 7 lines starting on page 77, line 7…well, heck. They were just too much of a tease not to share.

So, world. Here’s a peek into book 3. Nobody has seen this. NOBODY. Not my alpha readers, not my beta readers. Not my mom (yes, I still run stuff by her and I’m 35), not my wife (who really doesn’t like to read, anyway—go figure), not anyone. You will be the first…assuming you’re the first to read this blog post. If not, go find the number of views for this post at the bottom of it and that’s your number. Congrats!

Before I reveal, I will say this much: readers of my short story collection, Merchant (also affectionately known as “The Nundle Bundle”), will get a tremendous kick out of this. Oh, and an Easter egg I put in Prophecy might just become a little easier to find.


*7 lines starting on Page 77, line 7:

Peering back to the fabric roll, Julo took a step closer and leaned in to eye the knob. A scowl spread over her face as she read the only three words seared into the wood.

Babblebrook Mercantile Company

She bit down hard, glared at Nish, and spoke, her tone terse and sharp. “I am sorry, but we will not be purchasing anything today. Safe day to you.” With a quick glance at Pansy, she said, “Let us go,” and stepped into the flood of people moving north and began to walk away.

“Wait!” called Nish. “I will drop the price. Thirty silver pips per arm!”

Julo ignored him. The bolt of cloth could be free and she would not take it.

*I reserve the right to TOTALLY change this when I edit.

One last thing. You're supposed to tag a few other authors in the process of doing this, forcing them to do the same thing(after asking nicely of course).


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