Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Did That Just Happen...?

So this happened to me today.

I’m driving home from the gym after work. I have the windows cracked a little, enjoying the sunny, 75-degrees-warm weather. As I approach an intersection, the light turns yellow. Sifting my foot from gas to brake, I start to slow while flipping my turn signal down, readying to turn left. I stop and begin my wait for a green arrow.

As I'm sitting there, I hear music blaring from car speakers. Looking in my rearview mirror, I see a small, silver, two-door car coming up behind me. It pulls up on my right and stops. Two young women—high-schoolers—are in the front, dancing in their seats, singing along with some pop song I don’t recognize.

Side note: I love current music, save for mindless, studio-generated pop. Blech.

Anywho, I look back to the light, anxious for it to turn. I’m hungry, after all, and desire a snack before I start making dinner. A few seconds later, the music in the car next to me cuts off. Curious, I glance over to find both girls looking in my direction. The driver starts gesturing for me to roll down my window. Thinking they need directions, I reach for the window button on the door, push it, and watch the glass glide down.

I didn’t say anything at first, rather I simply lifted my eyebrows in a “can I help you?” sort of way. Doesn’t matter that I didn’t speak, anyway, as the teenagers immediately glanced at one another and, while giggling something fierce, faced me to shout something that simultaneously flattered, irritated, embarrassed, and made me a little ashamed of myself.

“Hot dad!”

I was flattered because apparently I’m a *HOT* dad!

I was irritated because I am apparently easily identifiable as a dad.

I was embarrassed because total strangers rarely go out of their way to comment on my attractiveness.

I was ashamed because—for goodness sake—these girls were like 16. Realistically, I could be the same age as their *actual* dads.

So, what did I do?

I turned a nice rosy hue, offered the young women an awkward smile, and think I said “Thanks?” Thankfully, at that moment, I got my green arrow. I gave my car some gas, turned left, and hurried home, my ego boosted even though I was feeling a little bit creepy.