Friday, February 8, 2013

Guess what? I got an agent.

It’s been a long time coming. A very long time. But as of yesterday, I have an agent.

I signed with Andrew Zack of The Zack Company, “full-service literary agency representing works of commercial fiction and nonfiction.”

Here’s a quick blurb about them:

Unlike other literary agencies, we really do focus on quality versus quantity. While some literary agencies take on new clients willy-nilly, only to discard them if their work doesn't sell in the first ten submissions, The Zack Company prides itself on sticking with clients until their work finds a home.

Our literary agency is associated with numerous co-agents around the world, assuring that your work, if it has the right qualities and international appeal, will be submitted to publishers around the globe. Our principal, Andrew Zack, has nearly 25 years experience in the publishing industry as both an editor and literary agent.

The Zack Company is also associated with various agencies in Hollywood, ensuring that clients' works with film or television potential will be seen by the major producers and studios behind the blockbusters you see in the theaters every week.

It was a difficult choice. I did have a couple other offers, and I sat around longer than I should have, trying to make a decision, but I finally settled on Andy.

I’m in the midst of doing ONE LAST revision of Progeny, cleaning up every little thing I can. When done, it goes to Andy and he starts shopping it.

Wish me luck.